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Hi, for 3 years I have been the proud owner of wayfarer 794, wooden, Mk 1. Here are some thoughts on some of your questions:
Winch, personally I use a launching trailer, I’m not sure how you launch from a road trailer without getting your wheel bearings wet, and so I don’t use a winch, but with your system I would use a bow fender to protect the bow.
Bow buoyancy tank: Is the wood rotten? If so it needs digging out and replacing with fibreglass, West Epoxy is the recommended type. If not, clean it, prime it and paint it to protect it.
Hatch: I cruise my boat so the aft hatch is essential for storing gear, but for you it may be better to get on the water before worrying about this. To avoid the hatch cover coming off, I secure mine with M8 bolts sticking upwards and dome nuts which I remove to remove the hatch. My aft locker leaks round the edges of the bulkheads, I think the drainage holes are helpful in getting the locker dry although I also have a mirror and its buoyancy tanks are impossible to open up properly.
The way I have got my boat off the trailer on dry land is with the help of 6 burley guys, however, we got it on it’s side once by grabbing the main halliard and pulling sideways. The boat fell off the trailer and onto some tyres.
I raise my mast on my own by standing in the boat, pushing it up then pulling on the jib halliard, with the jib attached. The jib acts as a forestay. When the mast is up and jib halliard is secured I put the proper forestay on. As you say it is wire with line at the end, this goes round the fitting on the bow and through the forestay wire loop again, several times, when you can tension it.
I have 4 cleats riveted onto the mast. This does most jobs. Your cleats look ok but the question is how strong are they and the wood they are on. I was told to bolt cleats onto a decent strong bit of wood (that’s firmly attached itself).
Outhaul, the way you have attached it to the end of the boom looks ok to get you onto the water. Pinnel and Bax do a fitting you can rivet onto the end of the boom and attach an attachment to if you want something better. You can put a failsafe on by attaching a line from your clew cringle to the main sheet block, in case your outhaul fails at sea.
I haven’t a clue about your tabernacle, that looks a bit horrid, make sure you get that bit right! Good luck and hope you get to sea soon.