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Well after a few months of inactivity I’ve put the World back out on a mooring. I think the heeling problem stemmed from a slow leak into the underfloor buoyancy compartment- almost certainly resulting from damage around the self-bailers where the two hull mouldings (inner and outer) join together. I’ve used liberal quantities of sikaflex to try and seal up the area but am not going to presume this is going to work. It is hard to see how I can do a really effective repair short of glassing over the whole area and going without self-bailers at all (the resulting hull thickness would be too great for bailers to fit properly).

So I am now considering the somewhat drastic step of an inspection hatch in the floor, probably to one side of the centreboard casing. This would allow me to pump out water from the lowest part of the boat, and might even allow sufficient access to the damaged area to effect a better repair.
Are there any stiffeners or stringers under the floor that I should know about? Has anybody else put in a hatch in this area?