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Not being a racer but having seen the same evolution in other sports I feel inclined tocomment.
I fear it is a bit like trying to stop the tide coming in. You can to an extentslow things up but the natural evolution of technology takes over and alas you do get a bit of keeoing up with the joneses or as seen at the extremities such as F1 the sport beconming more and more about money as the kit manufacturers scent profit and start sponsoring etc. Not good for our humble claass in my view. On the other hand if its going to happen then let the wallies who think that a 500 pound gizmo iis better thyan some extra training go ahead and waste your money. You get them in every sport. People with all the most expensive kit who haven’t got a clue but look great until the old bloke in the woodie and a bobble hat carves him up in great style making them look the amateurs they are. Much of what gets produced and sold is of negligible value in terms of advantage gained. the rules should reflect safety improvements and anything that enhances the quality of the experience (and therefore attracts new talent) whilst ignoring those that are merely short cuts in place of proper training and development.