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I agree with all of the above. Changing the rules to permit all sorts of fancy devices would not be good.

An interesting thread about compass use can be found here: http://sailingforums.com/threads/the-great-compass-debate.14768/

The only thing that a tacktick micro does over and above the classic Silva Tactical compass is have a timer. Apart from that it give you your heading and and / or a consistent single figure reading on either tack so you only need remember one figure…..(http://www.sailboats.co.uk/Catalogue~Silva_103PE_Racing_Elite_Compass~p_36305-0801~c4679.html )

The Tacktick Racemaster is a different kettle of fish though and will give you lot more info (but will need a much greater understanding to use it effectively and I imagine it will be most effective when the wind is shifting around a median. You also need to spend time in the boat before the start to establish the median – it just doesnt appear by magic!)

From the debate: ‘A compass is good for telling you your sailing angle relative to some pre-determined median, and is also useful in determining that median. It can also help you quickly identify the biased end of the starting line and the degree of that bias, but there are other effective ways of doing that. That’s about it’

The golden rule of ‘tack on header, stay on a lift’ will only work when the wind is shifting around a median, not as much when there is a bend due to geographic features or developing sea breeze. Approacing a windward mark it is often beneficial to take the heading tack as your 2nd last tack to get the lift up to the mark……

It might be useful to take a gps out to see how fast you were going though…………..just for the fun of it!…mayvbe thats a new idea….we all take a GPS out and post our fastest max speed on the forum a la Int Moth….who have recorded over 30 knots, or RS 400s, who almost touch 20 knots…….(http://www.rs-association.com/index.asp?fleet=RS400&selection=RS Speed&uid=48)

How fast will a Wayfarer go?!?!?!?!