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Colin Parkstone

Swd, I would say on the whole that the class is going forward. New boat, new people joining and steady sales of the class to more and more people. Onwards I would say.
I would agree with the rules stance, too many rules are not followed and they have opened the door for them to become the norm, we either have rules or not!!
The problem is that we are just too nice in this fleet, it will take a strong person to protest the wrong compass, two spi poles ect but someone will need to do it or the class should change the rule!
I measure, and if its on the boat when it should not be then it’s out. On the other hand I have failed to point out or protest at my own club an out of class compass.
I am wrong but I do not want the agro with a fellow club member about that kind of thing. It will come to the fore in time but even that I am not sure of as i think it may have gone to the Worlds ????
The Micro does what has been said above, not sure it reads windshifts. I use one, and I read that the compass has changed direction and its me that works out the wind angle has moved if i remember the number in the first place?.
As for widespread, I would say that its not top of all the club sailors at my club list of things to buy, new sails are more likely.
I may feel that a carbon spi pole for all its cost will help all kinds of people in the fleet but I also would not want to see GPS, Speed Pucks and other things like it in the class when racing.
Why?/ Cost! when will it stop and can people just use what brains they have to race the boat, then the best sailors will win and not the boat with the best gadgets.
Use good gear Yes! it helps us all to have a block that turns and a cleat that holds well and Yes! it costs. But what it will do is help smaller crews to work in the boat and stay and enjoy the boat for what it is. Not what they may have to spend.
The editor has put forward a talking point I would say as the Danes are looking for a vote on this, it has worked so far so keep your views coming in.