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Steve Collins wrote:
At Waldringfield SC several boats with new Hyde sails turned up with spinnakers without numbers on.

I was amazed when we recently took delivery of 10628 to find that it had no spinnaker numbers – effectively a racing boat that we could not legally race and so a product not fit for purpose. And the hassle to get them put on – first measure the position of the downhaul patch on the new spi, then find a local sailmaker open on Saturday morning (this is Medway, not the Solent), then get a downhaul patch put on the spare spi, wait a week for it to be added and then collect it, obtain the numbers for the new spi, return to the sailmaker, hope he fits it OK, pick it another week later up. Total duration: 3-4 weeks from getting the boat plus the cost plus the hassle.

I have every sympathy with Brian Lamb and others without spi numbers: Hartley’s must have had an aberration, as this is a class whose rules require numbers!

Also, the mainsail foot stretches no closer than 70mm from the boom black band not ideal in a racing sail.

The devil’s in the detail but this is basic – the sails don’t measure without numbers and they should extend to close to the black bands

These irritations apart, though, overall the boat’s great – as it should be for the price of a small car.