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First trial today of my twin poles – 2 poles/fittings and replacement string have come in at about £115.
The downhaul stays out of the way upwind (max 4 knots so not heavy weather Mike had issues with) I have bodged the downhaul to only use the last 4 inches of bungee travel – the downhaul dyneema seems like it will be fine in any weather once I sort out the issues with the poles.
I am using jib stick fittings on the inboard end and stainless rings on the outboard end. I have cut a slot near the outboard end for the downhaul to run through. I have fitted split uphaul and a stopper about 2/3rds along the boom from the mast to keep the uphaul in place.
We discovered the slot in the pole needs to be bigger as the splice on the ring is jamming.
We also need to stop the uphaul moving over the downhaul when not in use so jamming the downhaul from running out freely. so a forward stopper will be needed.
Pole stowage is manual at present because I want to make sure it all works sailing upwind before drilling holes to provide self stow arrangement.