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Bob Harland

We had one of the early Worlds – the transom flaps were perspex with a “hinge” of bungee – i.e. two pairs of holes drilled through the perspex and the transom on each flap. I guess a little crude. Closure was as Colin describes – another piece of bungee from a mid point on the flap to a hook in the boat.
Initially we fitted some foam to give a better seal between the flap and transom. To some extent this was ok. But after a few seasons we taped them up.

Water in the boat from rainfall should go out of the bailers – it should never get to the level of the transom flaps.
I am slightly surprised at the list problem – but have never kept the boat on a mooring. If you have not checked, them do make sure there is no water getting into the buoyancy compartments. A common problem was through the screw-holes fixing the keelband. If you don’t have a drain hole in the transom then that is worth fitting.
If the boat is on mimimum weight then that is the best chance for the bailers to work to maximum.
hope that helps