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Perspex flaps sounds robust, but how would I make the ‘hinge’? A strip of something flexible I suppose.
In the photo, the flaps are indeed a long way above the water, but that’s just how the boat sits when unladen. With two people aboard they are closer to the water- and when moving fast enough to produce a decent wake water will actually come aboard unless you remember to move crew weight forward. I find the ability to see exactly what the water level is doing at the stern is very handy when trimming the boat at different speeds and points of sail!

Certainly it would make sense that, whilst moored, the boat will always take on a list with the water pooled to one side or other. But I wonder if at some point it would reach an equilibrium where any additional water would flow out through the transom scuppers. So far I haven’t let that much water build up inside the boat.

Does anybody on the forum keep a World on a mooring?