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when you say ‘tape’ them shut, what sort of tape have you found to work best? My boat lives on a mooring so is fairly exposed. I suppose I could use sikaflex instead but they woudl then be hard to open.
One of the reasons I moved to a World from my old MkI was that I thought that being self-draining would be a distinct advantage, so I am a little reluctant to tape up the flaps. But the amount of water that that pour in when I stand at the stern is not acceptable. Ideally I’d like the flaps to act more like valves, not letting water flow in but still allowing it to go out. Is this too much to ask?
Another problem is that the boat tends to develop a list after heavy rain- probably free surface effect from rainwater gathered on the raised floor. I can’t see any way round this and it looks very odd, but I assume it is normal.