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Dave Barker


I think there’s a bit of confusion here, but nothing too serious. Depending on your reasons for wanting a topping lift you may find you can achieve the desired effect without adding anything to your mast, but if you do fix a block I would recommend rivets rather than screws.

The thing is, if your mainsail is hoisted, you can lift the boom via your reefing lines as already described, and if it isn’t hoisted, you have a main halyard available to lift your boom for whatever reason. So no extra topping lift required, unless I’ve missed something obvious? The fewer bits of string the better, it seems to me. (This latter point is amply illustrated every so often, when we get our main halyard tucked in behind the cheek block near the top of the mast which was put there to carry a lanyard for the masthead buoyancy device that we seldom use. Much cursing and gnashing of teeth etc).