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Does that not mean then that once the main is dropped then so is the boom?

I have just purchased a couple of cheek blocks as per advice from Andrew and hope to fit them soon. Most of my sailing will be cruising so a topping lift is really handy plus it is an alternative option of de-powering the main without actually dropping it. Pity that there was not an additional sheave option though.

Thanks Andrew for the advice earlier, I found a couple of cheek blocks on ebay that should do nicely, just need to make a decision now on rivets or self-tappers. I guess rivets as the top of the mast is quiet thin and self-tappers may foul the main halyard. Any thoughts on this? I will probaly neet to also attach a couple of guides for the topping lift halyard just ensure halyard has a tidy run.

Lovely…. lots of boaty bits to do