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Dave Bevan

@Dave Mac wrote:

I have a single 4mm line entering at the gooseneck end which finishes on a single block inside the boom.

Hi Dave.
I may have misunderstood, but if you’ve got a single line going to the block from the gooseneck, I think you’ve got 1:2, not 2:1 in the boom – this will cancel out the 2:1 you get from the split control.
To get 4:1 on mine, a line is fixed on the outboard end of the boom, and goes around a block with hook that attatches to the outhaul clew, and than back to a sheeve on the end of the boom (2:1) and it’s fixed to a block about halfway down the boom. Another line is fixed on the gooseneck end of the boom, which goes around the block in the boom, and back to exit at the bottom of the boom with a cleat just behind the gooseneck (another 2:1) – I don’t have split control.