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@Dave Bevan wrote:

I may have misunderstood, but if you’ve got a single line going to the block from the goose neck, I think you’ve got 1:2, not 2:1 in the boom – this will cancel out the 2:1 you get from the split control.

I have made a small sketch to explain:

The first 2:1 purchase is at the block along the mast. The second 2:1 purchase is inside the mast and the third purchase is at the sails cringle. Together it is a 8:1 purchase. Though you don’t actually need the force of a 8:1 purchase it allows fine adjustments. An 8″ pull makes the sail move only 1″.

Except for the block along the mast and the SB & port control lines, this is how new Wayfarers are setup by the builder. The builder exits the control line through the bottom of the boom near the goose neck and leads it through a clam cleat and a small block. The block forces the line in the cleat regardless in what direction the end is pulled. However, many sailors prefer SB & port control (and the extra purchase) and add a block as shown by the drawing.

On my boat I have a shackle with a small block at the sail’s tack. It makes the outhaul run much smoother. The shackle is one of those long types because the cringle is some distance away from the sail’s edge.