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Pete Smith

What can I say?
Just picked up sailing again after 12 years away. (Had +S in late 90s).
Sailed MK4 for a couple of months now. Lots of learning and remembering going on but in comparison to how I remembered the +S. the Mk4 is a cracking boat.

The good stuff
1. Feels much more responsive.
2. Points to windward superbly.
3. Much more sensitive to kicker adjustment (good this, you can feel a difference when changing settings here, on +S, I felt sometimes it didn;t matter what I did, the boat just went same speed!!)
4. Heels a bit more but does react quickly when you get your butt over the side.
5. Comes up nice and easy after a capsize. (Even my wife who is 5ft on a good day can right it!)
6. And it drains!!!!!!!
7. Gets on the plain pretty quick.
8. Looks cool
9. Better build quality than RS or Laser product (in my opinion)
10. Easier to roll tack than older marks. (did this on Sun in light winds, didn’t really mess up once, with good sense of speed coming out of the tack).
11. Thwart being moved back gives loads of room for crew. I can’t quite get used to it from the helms position, but this is just time on the water)
11.Quality of service from Richard Hartley and his team is more than excellent. (if there were a better word than excellent to describe the service that would be it)

The not so good stuff
1. Had a few teething problems such as ropes not sealed well, losing odd screw, centreboard a bit stiff. But in fairness most of this is to be expected in first few weeks of new boat.
2. Possibly top gel coat might need to be a little heavier. ( but of course this adds to weight). Have got a few small scratches already. But hey they don;t stay new forever.

I’m not sure whether Richard Hartley reads these forum pages. But he should be very proud of what he has done to not just the Wayfarer but other classes as well.
It would have been a crying shame to lose the Wayfarer. His development with Phil Morrison has been superb. The class still does what it was originally designed for; ie safe boat for taking out novices and having a pootle. but fast enough to power up and have some enjoyable racing.

So all told COOL BOAT
Pete Smith