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Dave Bevan

Very pleased with ours. We sail at Grafham (just about as far from the sea as you can get) and tend to race Wednesday evenings where we’re invariably enjoying light and falling winds in club handicap racing. We previously had a MKII, so probably a bigger stepchange than from a +S or a woodie.

Compared to other boats in the fleet, we’re generally ahead of the MKII and SD that regularly race, but can’t really compete with the +S in more experienced hands. If nothing else, we’re certainly planing before any of them.

It ‘s a much livelier boat than the MKII was, and particularly, easier to capsise. Like Alan, we were suprised how quickly it inverted, and but also once this has happenned, how difficult it is for one person to right. The draining cockpit means it comes up drier, but also means it’s a bit further for the crew to climb in, with not much to grab hold of over the transom! Prevention is the best cure, as they say, and after 5 capsizes in the first year of racing, we avoided any last year apart from some routine practice.

The new boat has breathed life into the class and class racing as Colin says, but also reinvigorated our racing. I sometimes wonder how much of our improved performance is the new boat or just new enthusiasm, but having a better sorted boat and rig does mean you can make little tweaks to the setup and either realise the benefits, or quickly try something else!

For info, we use a P&B spini, and McNamara Genoa/Main. The ‘chute means we launch the kite quicker, but has resulted in more instances of sheets under the boat. A P&B reaching spini allows us to fly it on more marginal reaches.

A few minor niggles, but support from Mark and Richard has been excellent and understanding.