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The MK4 is obviously a well designed boat – all the bits of string to hand, in the right place, easily controlled rig, comfortable to sail and great advice and back up from Richard and Mark Hartley. I am not a massively exprienced sailor, but dont think that the Wayfarer is very weight sensitive, as it is such a heavy boat. The only exception seems to be in fully powered up conditions, when the lighter crews need to flatten the main and depower, whereas the heavyweights just trundle on at full power! Once the wind picks up further and everyone is depowering and spilling wind, the folks who sail the boat flat,in the right direction, will always do well, weight wont make a huge difference, good boat handling is the key. It would be interesting to see the weight range of the top 5 or 10 helms and crews and see if there is a big variation.
What do people think the ideal helm / crew weight should be? (There is a right answer here, as I will have a small crew in Dun Laoghaire!!!!!!)

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