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I used to have a tabernacle-mounted cleat for the main halyard, but decided to put it on the mast itself eventually. I put it up as high as I could, just below the gooseneck.
I had two main reasons for the switch:
– it keeps the mast and its running rigging self-contained, making dropping the mast that little bit quicker (also less of a disaster if you forget that the mast is still attached to the hull half way through lowering!)
– the greater exposed length of halyard makes it much easier to ‘sweat up’ and get good tension. This is very helpful when setting a reef underway, when I don’t remove the boom from the gooseneck.

I’ve never noticed the genoa sheet catch on the cleat in this position; I think it did occasionally catch on the old cleat. A bigger problem was the sheet catching round the front ends of the benches (this on a MkI Composite).