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As No Disgrace says, it is best done with friends and the way I did it was to first put a piece of timber 3 x2 about 2.5metres long (ie wider than the track of the trolley wheels) under the bows, between the trolley and the boat then packed up the support under the transom; I used a folding Workmate with a couple of bags of compost (John Innes No 1 is best, I find) either side of the keel. The transverse piece of wood under the bows was supported on axle stands at either end.

I then used a longer piece of 3×2 as a lever with bricks to form the fulcrum to progressively lift each side, with a mate sliding in bricks under the axle stands as she came up. It was surprisingly easy to lift the boat in this way, demonstrating the power of levers. Once she was high enough I could roll out the trolley. If you are going to leave the boat suspended while the trolley is away being fixed, then some stable means of support shouild replace the axle stands, I have seen on this forum people using big bags of peat for this.

The most difficult part in my view is turning the boat upside down to do work on the bottom without damaging the deck edges, but you don’t seem to need to do that, yet…