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Well I am no expert although I am an enthusiastic internet surfer 😛 . The following was also found on the web:

Problems can also occur where the metallic combination is galvanised steel and aluminium. The zinc coating of the galvanised steel will, at first, prevent the aluminium being attacked. However, this protection disappears when the steel surface is exposed after the consumption of the zinc.

As it has a thicker zinc coating than electroplated material, hot dip galvanised material gives longer protection. Thus, in combination with aluminium in aggressive environments, hot dip galvanised material should be used.

The suggestion is, I guess that old worn galvanized links of a chain may expose the raw steel underneath, at which time corrosion occurs. I take the view that like sh*t, corrosion happens, we can only do our best to limit its effect but with everything damp and possibly salty, eventually it’s your bank balance that corrodes as you buy replacement gear. Wash everything off with fresh water and don’t keep stuff in waterproof bags and there is a chance it might still be there tomorrow.