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Jim Briggs

Thanks Swiebertje that looks like a good system that will suit our style of sailing well many thanks.
Also, when pulling new halliards into a mast is there a technique for avoiding getting the new lines twisted around the old ones, or is it more hit or miss?

Thanks Bigal, now it makes a little more since but still seems to require a lot of coordination on the part of the crew. I suggest you keep hold of that one and buy him a beer occasionally ?

While I have you both on the subject of spinnakers, We fly a full Spinny with no chute. Our launch technique is;
1 As we round the windward mark, crew clips guy into pole, (which is stored on the boom in wire loops) and clips pole onto mast.
2 As soon as pole is rigged, Helm hoists Spinny. While helm is hoisting, crew is ensuring it doesn’t get fouled as it comes out of its stowage.
3 Crew clips guy line into guy cleat while helm holds sheet and starts to fly spinny

We find using this method we can lose many seconds while crew is rigging guy and pole

Ok, with all that in hand I have been thinking is there any reason why we can’t just hoist Spinny first and then let crew rig pole and guy while helm pulls in spinny sheet. I think we might be able to save several seconds and quite a few yards because spinny might fly much earlier. Can you think of any reason why not ?

Thanks again to you both.