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Jim Briggs

Thanks Swiebertje and Bigal. This is the first time I have posted a question on this Forum and I’m getting some really useful information so many thanks to you both
Swiebertje I am fascinated by the idea of putting a block inside the mast. I presume you mean a purchase of 1:2 ie for every foot of halyard you pull, the spinnaker actually rises 2 feet ? Also, what is the best way to gain access the inside of the mast to install a block inside it?

Bigal, to be honest my crew and I have only been sailing for less than 2 years, it is only this season when we feel we are beginning to get to grips with the spinnaker. I am impressed that your crew can manage to hoist and fly virtually simultaneously, I would love to see this in action. My crew really dose seem to have her hands full from the moment she starts to rig the pole until the end of the run

Many thanks again to you both