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I have acquired a second hand mast and I’m now closer to getting my spinnaker sorted.

There are two main issues to sort before I drill holes in my wooden deck and thwart !!!

1.The spinnaker sheets come to the thwart and all seem to exit up through a double exit block. I have now seen cleats mounted towards the stern, towards the bow and towards the gunnel, even seen one wayfarer with no cleats at all. What is the consensus? It will only be for cruising or casual club racing.

2. My mast has an external eye, I was intending to put a small block on this eye and run the uphaul & downhaul down through two holes in the foredeck close to the mast. I already have a hole through the splashboard and deck for my furling line, this seems to conflict with the measurement rules;

Class Rules item 20.4 In foredeck. Two holes of maximum aggregate diameter 26 (1”). Neither of these holes shall be centred more than 64 (2½”) from
the mast recess.

Is there any other option that would give adjustment of the pole to the helm? As far as I can see the pole downhaul does not need to be adjustable but just needs to be elasticated with a stopper on the rope to stop it skying.