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Hi Liam,

I think it would be beneficial to return to the situation with numbers on spinnakers – there were occassions this year at the nationals where results were recorded inaccurately (this may or may not have been to do with spinnaker numbers but it did occur on downwind legs when spinnakers were being flown)

Ease of selling on spinnakers is also a reason for reverting to having numbers as it would discourage people from buying a spinnaker for a specific event and then selling it on. Compared to some classes, the Wayfarer does have boats at the top end of the fleet with a wide range of sail manufacturers and ages. It would be a shame to see people buying sails for a couple of events and then selling them on.

It is my understanding that the majority of dinghy classes have numbers on their spinnaker – it need not have a detrimental effect on performance and is the requirement of many classes.

…………my tuppence ha’penny worth.