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Colin Parkstone

If sails are sold on after a short time in use they go for a good price and the person to gain is a buyer who may not have the same resorces as others.Win Win!

Not so easy to sell a sail with numbers taken off and all those holes in it, i do it every year and it’s the first thing a buyer ask’s but if the price is fair they still go for the bargain !

Yes! I am Lucky!

As for seeing a number on a sail, i would say you would have less chance with a spinnaker that moves around and is looked at from the side when finnishing down wind.

Put the finish line at an angle to the course so your see the main better!

ISAF do not ask for them and it is yet another item to measure that can also be wrong.

What would happen to the sails this year, you cannot make them put numbers on now as they were right this year?

I would say lets leave it as it is !

More cost as well,sails cost alot now and any way to reduce or keep that price from rising is a good thing i would say!