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@David Smethurst wrote:

Interested to know how you attach the hooks to the shroud adjusters. We have the common type with two rows of holes.

I have one that was ready made, you can buy the ready made, for example, here: http://shop.pinbax.com/index.asp?selection=detailed&uid=34502&itemtitle=Shroud%20adjuster%20with%20A148%20spinnaker%20Halyard%20cleat%20each On my previous boat I did it myself with pop rivets, same hooks, same shroud plates, just like the ready made one shown on the web site above. If the hook is on the shroud plate the halyard usually sort of wraps around the shroud, helped by the wind. Maybe that is the secret? I imagine that your halyard, when hooked, is too far from the shroud to wrap around it. Ohw, and I use 6mm rope. Or is it 5mm? It’s definitely not 4mm. Maybe your 4mm rope is the problem? Maybe it is too thin for this type of hook to hold?