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I’m not sure that I understand the WIT description – it may be because my uphaul/downhaul setup sounds different to the one described. My uphaul/downhaul was supplied by Ian Porter – the uphaul section is a bungee attached up on the mast – there is a long rope tail on the bungee which is the downhaul section – it runs through a grommet on the Deck and back to the helm. At the point where the bungee and rope are joined there is a metal hook – which hooks onto the middle of the spin pole.

Sounds to me like you have it upside down. Most of us sail with a rope uphaul and a bungee as part of the downhaul. The bungee part runs next to the CB case (Uncle Al has it inside the mast) The part above deck is usually rope. The knot between the bungee and rope runs along the CB case and jams in a cheek block at max pole height. The uphaul goes over a sheave half way up the hounds, through the mast and is led back to the helm, often to a cleat on the slanted aft face of the CB case.

Here is a pointer to the rigging section of WIT with more pages on spinny setup:

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From the WIT description it sounds like the uphaul/downhaul are left connected to the pole?


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So presumably I have to hook the bungee and the rope out of the way somewhere near the gooseneck end of the boom?


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I’ve not tried this but my guess is that the bungee will be quite tight if I do this – have I got the right idea?

No because it is much closer to the mast when the pole is stored. When the pole is taken in the bungee is released. And also the helm releases the uphaul to bring the pole parallel to the boom.

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PS – trying to add a drawing but can’t get the attachment to upload..

I know, something goes wrong in this boards PHP scripts. Same thing happens to me on every first post, editing and re-submission seems to be fine.

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Ah – thinking about this – I suppose the uphaul part (bungee) doesn’t need to be hooked – it will just lie diagonally accross the sail. The downhaul bit is then running diagonally from the centre of the stowed pole to the deck grommet. So if that was hooked up close to the end of the boom it would lie along the boom then straight down to the deck grommet??

You seem to have a metal ring and two notches. I prefer the rope loop as described on WIT. I try to minimise on metal parts in lieu of a good knot. Have you ever been hit by a shackle on the tack of the Genoa? If so, you will know what I mean, if not you will have to learn a lesson the hard way…. “Don’t use iron where a knot will do, and learn to knot”. Similar arguments for spi-pole.
Anyway, the idea is that by twisting the pole 90 degrees the ring can slide over a notch. This allows the up/downhaul to slide to the end of the boom for storage along the boom. Obviously, when the spinny is set again the ring has to be moved back to behind the notch in the middle of the pole again. So, the up- and downhaul are not diagonally across the sail but straight and close to the mast when the pole is stored.

@kgough wrote:

Does any of this make sense? It would be easier with a drawing.

Because any spinnaker set-up, on any boat, is a complex matter I suggest you go out to the dinghy park on race day and have a look on other boats how it is done. Bring a camera and make many pictures of details and ask the owner why he has done it the way he has done it. You will find that there are as many solutions as there are boats…. Alternatively browse through the tens of thousands of pictures on the wiffle web to see how other boats have rigged their spinnaker poles.

N.B. I did not rig a spinnaker on my previous boat until after I sailed with another Wayfarer and learned to use a W-spinnaker. And that would be my best piece of advice; go out and sail with other sailors and use their setup to find out what you like and what you would do different. And do it before you drill holes in your boat that you may have to fix later on……..

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