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Hi Swiebertje,

I’m not sure that I understand the WIT description – it may be because my uphaul/downhaul setup sounds different to the one described. My uphaul/downhaul was supplied by Ian Porter – the uphaul section is a bungee attached up on the mast – there is a long rope tail on the bungee which is the downhaul section – it runs through a grommet on the Deck and back to the helm. At the point where the bungee and rope are joined there is a metal hook – which hooks onto the middle of the spin pole.

From the WIT description it sounds like the uphaul/downhaul are left connected to the pole? So presumably I have to hook the bungee and the rope out of the way somewhere near the gooseneck end of the boom? I’ve not tried this but my guess is that the bungee will be quite tight if I do this – have I got the right idea?

PS – trying to add a drawing but can’t get the attachment to upload..

Ah – thinking about this – I suppose the uphaul part (bungee) doesn’t need to be hooked – it will just lie diagonally accross the sail. The downhaul bit is then running diagonally from the centre of the stowed pole to the deck grommet. So if that was hooked up close to the end of the boom it would lie along the boom then straight down to the deck grommet??

Does any of this make sense? It would be easier with a drawing.