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Funny that the World is drier- I’d have thought that without the V-board more water would come aboard. Good to hear though.

About the hatch covers- obviously it’s much easier to just buy hatches that fit the old openings and then there’s no work involved. Presumably life isn’t that simple though. What make/model of hatches would have been originally fitted? I know they are about 6″ but it seems that I can get that size of hatch from various different manufacturers.

Secondly, I’ve been having a closer look at how the centreboard will fit into the boat. Looking into the casing, there’s a metal pivot bar, in the middle of which I can see some exposed threads. Presumably this is made of two pieces of steel, one of which threads inside the other. Should they not meet in the middle?
Also, does anybody have a photo of a World centreboard to show how the ‘slot’ works by which it slides over the pivot bolt?