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Thanks for the replies. Trident do seem to be the cheapest for the bailers and to make life easy I will just go for the Super Shutes.

I’ve tried the mast from my MkI and it fits perfectly- so good news there.

The rudder can be made to fit but I will need to move the top fitting down a few cm- the transom fittings on the World are closer together but otherwise the same.

Porters can supply the hatches but it seems I have to buy the whole unit at £10 each which is a bit frustrating when all I need is the covers. There goes an extra £30…. Maybe try Trident for these too but I’d want to make sure they were the right fit so that I don’t have to install a complete new hatch.

I’m going to take a while to get used to how different the World is. Is it a very wet boat? Do most people fit a cover over the chute?