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[attachment=0:27gzxdhq]Photo0099.jpg[/attachment:27gzxdhq][attachment=1:27gzxdhq]Photo0098.jpg[/attachment:27gzxdhq][attachment=2:27gzxdhq]Photo0097.jpg[/attachment:27gzxdhq] I have fixed the Sliding gooseneck , it turned out to be very easy , i just got a m12 SS bolt and cut some of the threaded bar so that it was half round , then i took it to my work shop where i drilled a hole as central as posible , then i cut a thread for an m4 bolt in the half round piece . Then it was just a matter of welding a wing nut to the m4 bolt ( i did not have any wing bolts , also i fancied geting my welder out 😆 ) then it just all fitted together and tightens rock solid in the mast 😀