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Aaaaahhhrrg, will edit posting immediately.

A good sail should not have its luff stretched. If you need to stretch it as you describe there are four possible causes:
1. You raise it above the upper black band.
2. Your boom is below the lower black band.
3. Your bolt rope has shrunk.
4. It isn’t a Wayfarer sail.

A good sail has an over sized luff and shows those lovely “speed” wrinkles as Mike Mac calls them. A Cunningham stretches the luff and takes the wrinkles out as you correctly noticed. Raising it above the black band is not allowed while racing and good advice for cruisers since the sail maker has not designed the sail to be hoisted above the black band. To avoid raising the sail above the upper black band I have added a stopper at the upper band. That stopper is just a small piece of aluminium riveted over the sail groove. I think a long rivet wit its “tail” inside the groove would work too.