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Good point Colin

As you can tell I’m having a tricky time learning to sail with a spi without other Wayfarers in the club. There is one Lark racing regularly, but he doesn’t use a twinning line. Also no-one’s description of sailing with a spinnaker matches anyone elses!

So I’m puzzled, because on one hand i can immediately see what you mean, but on the other hand these little lines have helped me, so far: all three sails seemed to be pulling well on the reach last time we sailed, but the wind was brisk, and we may have missed the problem you describe in our exertions!. The lines are rather longer than they look in the photo so the choking effect may be mild. The length is just enough to stop the spinnaker sheet pulling the boom inboard – which was one of the problems we had before – it seemed that spinnaker was happy but the main was killed by the spi sheet pulling in on the boom, sheeting in the main didn’t help, it clearly needed to be further out. This was particularly dire on a very broad reach. With these lines rigged that just doesn’t happen and everything can be sheeted to draw better.

I was always thinking of this as temporary, so whilst we’ve got you on the topic Colin, is it necessary to have a line crossing the boat? I was rather put off by the thought of adding yet more rope to the crowded crewing area. Are there any dis/advantages in having two small control lines, one on each side, which you can use individually to damp down whichever side you need to control rather than a single line pulling in on one or other side? The mystery deepens when you consider my boat was raced successfully for years without twinning lines, so clearly there are things I’ve not spotted or understood!