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Andrew Morrice

thanks for all these thoughts folks.

After mulling it over I opted for a simple approach to the main problem I had – namely: “boom-snagging-the-sheet-during-gybe misery”. clearly there are great sublties open to the seasoned barber-hauler hauler, but if all you want is to keep your sheet/s lower than the boom this will do it. It also provides partial releif from the irritating “yards-of-sheet-trailing-beside-the-boat- gloom”. (Not be confused with the far more serious sheet-fell-over-bow-to-get-to-know-centreboard-better Blues). So If you don’t fancy the “balls” here’s my interim “rings’n’strings” solution. I suspect this has some effects on the subtleties of spinnaker setting for similar reasons to the position of the genoa sheet, but for now I don’t mind.

photo attached: and yes, I know the split rings I’m using now will need upgrading to proper stainless steel rings ASAP – ’twas just a prototype.


tootle pip

Boris – Delphy W6330