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Colin Parkstone

The problem I found with the balls was when you try and put the pole out before you hoist the kite with the guy in it, the spi was pulled out and around the bow to the pole. This was not good to have a spi flapping about in the way before you use it.
You have to let off the guy rope via the guy twin rope, this was then another job to do when you hoist the spi to pull on the guy.
I found that having twin lines is good but no balls.
You can put the pole out before you get to the mark with the guy in it and as you hoist the spi the crew has only to pull back the guy to bring the spi to the pole and so is under control, then you can pull on the sheet when your ready for the power.
The spi can flap around when at the pole but if its away from it it will fill and pull you over.Get the guy under control then your be safe.
I still use bags on my Mk4, the big hole in the front helps fill the boat with water in waves so its covered up.
One day I will try the hole, I have used it before but Im to old to learn new ways i think!!!