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Dave Barker


I don’t think a picture would help, as it would just confirm your impression of technicolour spaghetti being the result of rigging a Wayfarer for 3 sails! (The barberhauler adds to this impression by trailing right across the middle of the boat.) Although we have based our setup on Uncle Al’s “balls” articles, we have used stainless steel rings instead of blocks at either end of the BH as they are lighter and slightly more varnish-friendly. Any extra friction is negligible. They need to be of small enough diameter to hold the “windward sheet” or guy low enough to bring the cam cleat on the outer edge of the deck into play. (On Al’s system this cleat is raised on a wooden block.) Just ensure that the block/cleat/ring/deck-clip system all works correctly before drilling and varnishing everything.

Given the very limited amount of racing we do these days compared with the amount of extended cruising, I’m not sure the extra sophistication of the balls system justifies the more cluttered boat, but we’ll give it a try for a while.