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The Wayfarer-world is subject to the same class rules as are all the other types. For racing its self-bailers must also be equal to or smaller than the Andersen/Elvsrom Supermax. You may have guessed it altready, the Supermax is also the standard self-bailer for the Wayfarer-world.

Obviously you want the self-bailers at the deepest point. The reason is the same as why the drain of a bath tub is at the deepest point. Unfortunately that is also where the CB sits. Though it is not the deepest point, I always put self-bailers approx. two inches away from the CB case (sideways). This makes the nuts a bit easier to access with my big fingers and it makes the bailer easier to operate through the hole in the floor boards. And when they are a little away from the CB-case they don’t compromise the strength of the hog and CB-case construction.