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Dave Barker

I like your style. Maybe worth ringing Selden on (01329) 504000. Sheave box – I’m not sure of the correct part number – I think it may be 505-071-01 (or suffix -02 for ss bearing sheave), but check with them first, as this sheave takes quite a load. (They’re on the website at About £20 plus a couple of self-tappers. File the opening to have nice curved ends (rat-tail file) to avoid stress-tearing of the mast wall. It could be a good time to change the halyard too if you have any concerns about it.

Forestay fitting – 508-476 or 508-477. (I like the look of 508-477 better – the other one looks flimsy, see Ask the supplier about rivets – the fitting may come with them included.