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Colin Parkstone

A couple of things to watch out for,

The main halyard will not always need to be pulled to the top band or the top of the luff groove as you may over tighten the luff of the sail , your looking for the luff to take a ‘Just soft from tight’ shape. No fold along the luff, just behind the mast groove.

The genoa maybe going soft because the forstay is taking some of the weight, it should be loose and the genoa luff taking all the weight with the shrouds.

If you find that the genoa has a fold behind the luff wire like the main above, you may have to unpick the ropes that bind the sail to the luff wire so that the sail can take a softer shape from the luff.

Luff wires, luff bolt ropes and sails all stretch at differing rates and so over time you may want to adjust the tensions on them so as to give the sail a more friendly shape and a longer life.

Did this to a mainsail boltrope at the club the other day, cut the lower end of the boltrope from the sail and let it ride up inside the pocket. Much better shape and the boom did not need to be sat on to get it on the gooseneck.

You may find that some sailmakers have the boltrope over length at the lower end, thats so you do the above.