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Thanks chaps,

I actually visited Peter Freebody’s on the Thames. One guy I chatted too was extremely knowledgeable and informative, and made much reference to cleaning the work area, watering the floor to hold down dust, the wearing of special clothing as in disposable plastic overalls, possibly using a foam rolller for speed, keeping a wet edge at all times etc. He concurred with me that I had been sanding far too heavily and that I should concentrate on only removing the shine from the previous coat, he reckoned on 5 light wipes with paper, 340 grade and higher. He also said that after 42 years, he still didn’t know the answers and that each project presented unique challenges. There are no short cuts, and the better the preparation the finer the finish. Get plenty of varnish on with each coat was his tip. Of course, they work on some beautiful motor launches such as Rivas. He was a fan of polyurethane though, but thought my choice of Hempel Classic was a good one. His parting piece of advice was to reckon on at least 12 coats….I translated that to 6 as my maths is not good.

I like the idea of the kitchen scrubber Davdor, and will give it a go. Hope some of the above will help others