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The short answer is: nothing has changed.

The new rules should not have changed anything. They are part of a move towards an ISAF compliant format. The new rules allow any RYA appointed measurer to measure your sails. We have put in much effort, not in the least by some well known UK sail makers, to ensure our sails stay as they are under the new rules.

At the moment much work is being done on other chapters of the rules. over the coming years we intend to gradually move towards the ISAF compliant rule format. Most of the work is being done by the Danes as they have the highest stake. The English and Dutch associations mainly scrutinize the Danish proposals. The Danes and the Dutch Wayfarers are National recognized classes, recognized by their National sailing authorities that is. I am not sure about Denmark but here in Holland we have been allowed a few years to clean up our rules so the measurers can use them. (Note that by ISAF rule a class cannot have measureres, a class has scrutineers. Measurers are officials appointed by a National sailing authority and are allowed to measure boats from any class). Apart from the Issues the Danes and the Dutch have with their National sailing authorities, we also believe having our rules in an ISAF compliant format opens paths that will allow the class to grow Internationally.

Much effort has gone in to ensuring that only the format changes and no actual rules are changed. If real rule changes are necessary we intend to avoid combining them with a format change. And if such is required they will be presented as two separate issues: 1: a vote on a format change 2: a vote on a rule change. During the AGM it will be made very clear when you vote on a format change and when on a rule change.