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Pete Lock

I have just spent the last two days sanding down the stock and blade. Judging by the state of the stock mine has been made as some point over the years. It was not the prettiest of affairs before I started work on it, but it is heading in the right direction now.

After removing a really thick layer of Epoxy coating over the top edge and a few layers of varnish from the sides, I managed to work out its construction. It would appear that it has been made of a piece of solid mahogany sandwiched between two pieces of 5 ply. Unfortunately where the three pieces had come together at the top, little care had been taken to ensure that they were nice and flush and level with each other and they had been coated with resin to try and even it all out.

Spent a couple of hours removing the offending resin and sanded them all back to a nice flush smooth surface. Next weekend I will start the job of varnishing.