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In refurbishing my GRP Mk 11 I removed the rubbing strakes and I reckon I saved a couple of kilos in weight (not counting the screws that held them on. I took them off because I was about to paint the boat and wanted to offset the weight of the paint. The wood was a dark hardwood, more likely to be iroko than teak. Unless you keep teak well oiled/protected it will go silver-grey as it weathers.
Thickness is only a function of the fixing method (ie to give you enough depth to counterbore and fill the screw-holes). I would be tempted to go for a thin but resilient material like a plastic strip and glue it on. I recently fixed beta-strip to the bilge-keels using a waterproof contact adhesive and have been impressed how well it has fixed the plastic to the GRP. Mind you I have yet to try it out in the water…