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Dave Barker


First and foremost you have my sympathy, for what little it’s worth – just reading about it sounds dreadful.

Second, thank you for bringing this to wider attention. I for one hadn’t bothered to check my cover, having just assumed (for no particular reason) that the trailer would be covered.

Third (and I’m not sure this is the right time to say it) I wonder why there were so many tyre problems? Is there anything we could all benefit from knowing about (tyre pressures, mudguard design, perished rubber, wheel corrosion etc), or was this a freak event (e.g. road debris)?

We luckily haven’t had tyre problems, but usually carry a spare tyre (& wheel), bottle jack, block of wood (in case of soft ground), axle stand and pack of Tyreweld (I think that’s the name – you squirt it into a punctured tyre through the valve and it’s meant to seal a small hole – I think it also messes up the tyre, but may get you home). I’d be interested to hear others experiences and recommendations.

P.S. I’ve just looked up the AA wording – “Assistance will also be provided for a caravan or trailer which was on tow at the time of the breakdown, provided that it falls within the above limits.” (The limits are gross vehicle weight 3.5t, max width 2.3m).