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Dave Barker

Well, some useful stuff there! I’m still a bit confused about the recovery firms. Green Flag say virtually the same thing as the AA, on their website at least – “Your Green Flag Rapid Breakdown Cover includes cover for any caravan and trailer you are towing up to a weight limit of 3.5 tonnes, so you can be sure that with Green Flag you are fully covered.” A phone call (at least) would be needed to clarify whether a trailer-only problem would be eligible for assistance.

Britannia word their caravan /trailer exclusion thus – “Any caravan or trailer that is attached to your vehicle must be registered as owned by you, or a member of your household, and kept at your home address as shown on our records. Assistance is not available for Caravans and Trailers at the home address, at its usual place of storage (if not kept at home address) or within 1/4 mile of these locations.” This would be problematic for anyone keeping their boat at a club (many of us, perhaps most). And again, would a trailer-only problem be covered?

I’m glad this topic has been brought up, although sorry about the circumstances.