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when towed behind the car I can see both trailer wheels in the door mirrors so keeping an eye on the wheels and lashings is very easy. However although I can see the trailer and mast out the rear view I cant see the sides or wheels at all when its behind the much wider motorhome so you might be right that the deflation wasnt quite as sudden on each of the events as I thought but there’s no way of knowing for sure – I’m pretty certain the tyre that exploded was violent , I even heard a bang though I guess that might have been the tread hitting something but the tyre itself was destroyed so it must have been a catastrophic failure and not a slow leak.

Fitting those tubes was fiddly but as Ive done motorcyle and pushbike tyre changes many many times over the years I’m reasonably certain they didnt get pinched or nicked and I have good quality levering tools ( defintely not screwdrivers ) but it is a possibility of course. They had all stayed pumped up for 3-4 weeks prior so am sure they didnt have any pre-journey punctures but might have had a weakness that only came to light once they got up to temperature. What I did notice was that the valve stems moulded to the innertube were rubber; Ive seen other (more expensive) inner tubes where the whole of the valve stem is metal and wondered if perhaps the hole on the wheel rim for the valve stem had a burr or somehow created some friction which had gradually cut through. The innertubes ( what was left of them ) were all so messed up that its impossible to diagnose what went wrong first so I guess we’ll never know for certain.