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Very sorry to hear about this incident but many thanks for bringing it to attention – I’m sure I’m not the only one who had not considered such a scenario previously. Thanks also to everyone else’s comments. Whilst I’ve never had a problem with 8” wheels, this has spurred me on to changing them for 10” – as has been mentioned above the difference when you place them side by side is immense – just waiting to see how I get on with them on their maiden voyage.

Whilst renewing breakdown cover earlier this year I did note some pretty serious restrictions on trailer length by some companies. Some wouldn’t cover anything over about 10 feet, and one was happy to cover a caravan of any length but only a short box trailer size trailer. I ended up staying with Green Insurance whose policy documents confirm cover for any trailer up to 7m but maybe I now need to go back and ask them some more specific questions based on the above.