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I pretty sure that just means they wont cover home-made or non-professionally modified trailers; bear in mind this policy is designed to cover all eventualities and isnt specifically targetted at boats so and I doubt would cause most of us towing boats any concerns. Most wayfarers I’ve seen are on professionally manufacturered boat trailers with all the legal road plates with load carrying capacity and brand name etc. Obviously tyres would need to be E marked and not some el-cheapo wheelbarrow type as seen on many rubbish-tip box trailers, and I guess a visual check to confirm its not some rusting hulk of badly welded bits of mild steel would be expected and was fitted with a proper unbraked trailer secondard coupling cable to a secondary attachment point ( ie not around the towball and not a breakaway cable designed for braked trailers) and a BS/EN approved lighting board with similarly legal numberplate.

As a side note, the wheel rims themselves tend to be the rustiest part on most boat trailers, a combination of poor paint, cheap untreated metal and getting dunked in water or standing on damp ground is clearly the cause. Having done a bit more research on this it seems 8×2.5 inch steel rims are typically only rated at 265kg when new so rust can weaken these small rims significantly so its worth checking these are up to the job before travelling – they might in fact be the weakest link.

This resource is also well worth a read: http://www.ntta.co.uk/law/trailers/load_pressure.aspx