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I contacted the Caravan Club via their website, heres the transcript:

Welcome to The Caravan Club.

You are now connected with Dan

You: HI Dan,

Dan: Hello, you're chatting with Dan one of the Caravan Club contact centre agents, may I take your name please?

You: I'm Dean

Dan: Hi Dean, how can I help you today?

You: we use a campervan and trail around the country with it as well as sometimes with the car. We had a breakdown at the weekend and RAC refused to help because the fault was entirely with the trailer - we had three blowouts in 20 miles - an awful journey, and had run out of spares.

You: I understand that Green Flag and you offer a service that would have covered this incidident, bearing in mind it was ONLY the trailer that was at fault. Can you confirm thats right ?

You: sorry I shoudl have said its a boat we trailer with us!

Dan: Thank you for your question, can I just confirm that you have a car, towing a trailer, containing a boat? Just so that I can get the right answer for you?

You: yes we have a boat on a trailer and use either a car or on longer trips /overnight stays we use the campervan.

Dan: That's great thank you. Would this be for trips across the UK or Overseas?

You: UK only at the moment.

Dan: Excellent! Would you like me to send you a link to the section of our website regarding Breakdown and Recovery?

You: yes please


You: thanks - actually I had seen that page but it only refers to caravans and no mention of whether the trailer with a boat would be covered.

Dan: Apologies. As far as boats are concerned on Trailers, I'm sure that it is covered, as I know our Red Pennant Overseas cover includes this. It may be worth giving Green Flag a quick call on 0800 731 0112.

You: okay thanks.

Dan: Is there anything else I can help you with at all today?

You: no thats all. bye

I then teleponed and spoke with Mike at Green Flag Mayday recovery ( ie the part specifically associated with the Caravan Club ) and was quoted personal membership for my wife and I in any vehicle with full UK recovery and home start at £117 provided we are members of the Caravan Club and the vehicle wasnt already broken down – thats much less than half what we pay RAC (£280) for less cover. Even taking into account I’d have to take out Caravan club membership at £42 and thats still far less overall. I double checked that the trailer would be covered even if it was the ONLY thing at fault ‘yes sir’ was the reply even when I stressed this and double checked. See page 9 of the policy booklet: , its pretty clear the vehicle and the trailer are treated separately but with identical cover – Perfect !

Next call was to RAC to cancel my membership which renews in December so I figured would be worth a few pounds since were only halfway though the cover period as a pro-rata cancellation – PAH! not a chance, no refunds or apology, in fact the lady on the customer retentions team, Michaela, was downright rude insisting that trailers WERE covered, until for the 10th time I explained it was only the trailer that had the problem when she spouted weill then I should have ‘checked the terms and conditions’ as trailers have never been covered in THOSE circumstance…. I could spit I am that disgusted – RAC perhaps should mean Ripoff All Customers.