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Bob Harland

@thehairs1970 wrote:

The maths says yes. Might be worth thinking a couple of things through though.

2) Noseweight. This is the amount of force the trailer exerts on the towbar of the car. Too much and steering becomes vague and grip for front wheel drives is compromised. This is where I would disagree with some comments from other contributors. If you put the heavy kit in the boot of the car you increase the noseweight effect. I would put heavy gear in the rear of the boat to offset noseweight. The caravanning club should have some advice on noseweight on their website.


I would not agree with putting anything heavy in the rear of the boat while towing;
This will put a strain on the boat.
Increase the risk of snaking.

Anything heavy in the boat should be over the axle.

Hope that helps